Hello, I'm Paul...


it's great to meet you.

And I like to build



other bits of Internet.


  • & probably a few other tools too !

Lots of people saying nice things about me.

  • Paul helped ourselves realise our full online potential, by always being available to talk me through rebooting the router... except when Hollyoaks is on.

    Paul's Mum

    The Great Outage during Midsummer Murders
  • Paul is an absolute pleasure to deal with, and I always apprechate that he has his Oyster card out before he reaches the barrier.

    Tube Station Manager

    Rush Hour - 2015/04/02
  • WAaaaaaghhh, wa wa waghhhhhh WAGHHHHH.... Wagh? WHAGH !


    Millennium Falcon

Slight Disclaimer: I'm not a big fan of asking people to praise me; youll have to use your imagination on this one.

My latest Bloggings...

General Update: In The Media + Circus School

I went with Jules and George to Meat Mission; then I did a #MyFinalPoops in the National Centre for Circus Arts – and I’m putting all my news-clippings here in one place.

#MyFinalPoops @ TheView @ TheShard – WOW WOW WOW

My write up of the amazing evening I have out at The Shard

NSFW tale; Advice; & #MyFinalPoops Stool chart

B3TA QOTW :: A #Crohns Related Story

Expermental treatment for Crohns – CT3211.

#MyFinalPoop Update – Charity Page.

Wow, it’s really happening, #MyFinalPoops is kicking off !

#MyFinalPoops – Amazing London Toilets

The Amazing Toilets of London – and #MyFinalPoops

Living with Crohn’s :: The Bionic Bumhole

TMI, yet again – about my impending Bionic Bumhole; and #MyFinalPoop

Coming Soon Tech :: Popslate E-Ink Smartphone Cover

i get overly-excited by an awesome smartphone case with a battery & eInk Display

This is a REAL bagel.

An education for the world – How to spot a Real Bagel

Life with Crohns; #ChronsWeek Part 1 — Chattin’ Shit

I go off on one about Chrons, and what life is like when you can’t poop properly. I also do a bit TMI & lose all my dignity.

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