General Update: In The Media + Circus School
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General Update: In The Media + Circus School

I went with Jules and George to Meat Mission; then I did a #MyFinalPoops in the National Centre for Circus Arts - and I'm putting all my news-clippings here in one place.

#MyFinalPoops @ TheView @ TheShard – WOW WOW WOW

My write up of the amazing evening I have out at The Shard

NSFW tale; Advice; & #MyFinalPoops Stool chart

A slightly graphic story – but a tale that I think is worth saying. RE: Crohns. As as kid, before all this kicked off at 12 years old, there were times where I wouldn’t speak to someone about my issues. This is 100% sware-down true story (or at least, I remember it so vivadly, that … Continued

B3TA QOTW :: A #Crohns Related Story

Expermental treatment for Crohns - CT3211.

#MyFinalPoop Update – Charity Page.

Wow, it's really happening, #MyFinalPoops is kicking off !

#MyFinalPoops – Amazing London Toilets

The Amazing Toilets of London - and #MyFinalPoops

Living with Crohn’s :: The Bionic Bumhole

TMI, yet again - about my impending Bionic Bumhole; and #MyFinalPoop

Coming Soon Tech :: Popslate E-Ink Smartphone Cover

i get overly-excited by an awesome smartphone case with a battery & eInk Display

This is a REAL bagel.

An education for the world - How to spot a Real Bagel

Life with Crohns; #ChronsWeek Part 1 — Chattin’ Shit

I go off on one about Chrons, and what life is like when you can't poop properly. I also do a bit TMI & lose all my dignity.

God Bless the NHS :: Please don’t take it away from me.

I go off on a big rant about how I love the NHS, what it's done for me, and why I fear for what's happening.

Fallout 4 :: 1000 Deathclaws – vs – 1000 Brotherhood Of Steel

An epic battle in Fallout 4; 1000v1000 of the most powerful characters in the game (I think)

World Flag Tool :: The whole WORLD is hurting

I’ve been thinking… I’ve been thinking a bit recently about how the Facebook is filled up with French flags. I completely understand that what happened on Friday Night, was an atrocity; one that was horrific, that the world took notice. I think this is because it happened “in the Western World”. France is practaclly our … Continued

Rao Vietnamese Deli @ Enfield Market

I tried some Vietnamese food, and loved it. Everything is so fresh. If you fancy something a bit different, give Vietnamese food a try.

CSS Alternating-Column Layout (Flexbox)

Here I demonstrate how to use flexbox to have two columns, where each row expands in size to fit the content - including expanding to the the next element's height. It's reponsive too, and finally I prettied it up. Used SCSS to make life easier.

Chicken Crackling

It's like all the best bits of a Roast Roast Chicken / KFC - and put into a packet.

The Tile App :: A little gizmo-finder

I take a look into a tiny little trinket, called Tile, that you can attach to your keys and stuff...and use them to find your item if it's gotten lost.

The King’s Head – Enfield Market Square

I didn't expect this as I walked in, but this place does some of the nicest burgers i've ever had.

Enfield Market :: Foodie Heaven

I adore Markets, I love the hussle'n'bussle, the haggling, the fact that I can buy veg one at a time instead of having to buy a metric ton - most of which'll go off because I won't have time to use it. I also have a thing for markets that sale food. So luck would have it, Enfield Market would revamp itself... and the TLDR is that I found it A-MA-ZING.

Paper & Pen Ideas – DesignInOrange Sketchbooks

I'm a Digital man normally; my Books come from Kindle, my Networking is normally Social, my calendar/email/notes are all sync'd up, my entertainment comes from Amazon/Netflix.... but I thought I'll give the old fashion route by using pen'n'paper. I found online a great company who do books with templates on them, so here is me giving them a go.

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