NSFW tale; Advice; & #MyFinalPoops Stool chart
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NSFW tale; Advice; & #MyFinalPoops Stool chart

A slightly graphic story – but a tale that I think is worth saying. RE: Crohns. As as kid, before all this kicked off at 12 years old, there were times where I wouldn’t speak to someone about my issues. This is 100% sware-down true story (or at least, I remember it so vivadly, that … Continued

Coming Soon Tech :: Popslate E-Ink Smartphone Cover

i get overly-excited by an awesome smartphone case with a battery & eInk Display

Fallout 4 :: 1000 Deathclaws – vs – 1000 Brotherhood Of Steel

An epic battle in Fallout 4; 1000v1000 of the most powerful characters in the game (I think)

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