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Paper & Pen Ideas – DesignInOrange Sketchbooks

A Rethought Workflow :: Going 0ld sk00l

This weekend, I thought i’d try something a bit different, i’d try getting some design ideas down on paper. I started doodling a header here, a sidebar there, when I realised – when I go to put this on computer, I won’t know what columns things belong to.

So I put on a Facebook Group of WordPressers to see if anyone else puts things down on paper, and what their thoughts are. Nobody really did that, and I know I can’t be a pioneer in design because i’m shit at designing… so I looked online, and found a few books that do sketching/ui via paper; but none in the UK. That was, until I found Also, as a bonus, if you change their Amazon Links to, you can have them in your hand the next day if you wanted – and I did.

They do books of all kinds of sizes, types, grids etc. From 3D isometric griding, to Lab Reports, to UI/UX. I ended up getting

  • Multi-Sized Width
  • 24 Column
  • iPad Templates
  • iPhone Templates

So, I don’t know how this’ll work out, if it’ll be a waste of money or not, i’ll update you with how I find them later on, and update this post, but these are my initial thoughts….

iPhone Templates Book

To be honest, at first, I thought this one is a waste of time in 2015. The size of the templates more relate to pre iPhone 5; when the sizes all changed. Most of the stats I can find on this don’t even include the iPhone 4… but the iPhone 5 seems to be running at less than 1.2% and came out over 5 years ago. Since then, there have been two lots of ’24 month periods’. It’s not even supported by Apple anymore, so I don’t see why I should.

But on the good-size it can still give me a general idea of where I want to go on the SM/XS scale of things.

One good thing it’s shown is having your main Navigation (Burger + Profile in this case) near the top, is silly, when the thumb can’t reach it. Let’s move that down. We can essentially split the phone in half – Top Half is good for Viewing, Bottom Half  good for Doing… someone write that down. You may Quote Me.

iPad Templates Book

Ok, this is much much better. In fact, it sizes up to my iPad Air almost perfectly.

I thought it was a bit of waste of paper at first, but having the ‘other’ page as something for notes, is really handy on here. A lot of designing isn’t just about making things look pretty (look at my sketches; these aren’t going up on my Parent’s fridge), but more about planning what goes where.

It’s a bit weird as i’m used to a Digital environment, that I can’t ‘undo’ something, or move something around once it’s down there. I need to scribble things out when there is a mistake, rather than just delete. But I kind of like that too, it’s a bit like being able to see my train-of-thought.

Plus I guess another advantage to these, is that if I have a big job on, perhaps I can present these to a client afterwards in some kind of package? Would they like that?

But either way, i’m starting to see how this pen’n’paper stuff is actually a good thing.

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