Chicken Crackling

Chicken Crackling

I would be quite worried if I was a pig; it's about to lose it's USP.

Whenever I see “Skinless chicken” in a supermarket or at a butcher, it always makes me wonder what happened to them. To me, the Chicken Skin is the best bit. Normally it’s slightly crunchy, got a salty taste to it, slightly fatty. To be honest, when I go a fried chicken joint, or roast a chicken, the bit I want is the chicken skin. I just eat the rest of the chicken, because it’s The Done thing.

I’ve asked my Butcher a few times if he’d save the skins, but after a few times I spoke to someone else, and they said that the skinless fillets just come like that. And if you’re buying pieces of chicken that isn’t filleted, then it comes with the skin, so they can’t just give me that / let me just buy that. I cried myself to sleep, thinking that these wonderful bits of chicken delicousness, probably goes to make some kind of by-product like dog food.IMG_0594

I put the whole idea to rest, until a month or two ago. I was looking to buy crispy salmon skin, which was a failed result, and something (perhaps a Devine Intervention) made me search for Chicken Scratchings. Low-and-behold, this beauty I did find.

Incidentally, if you happen to know where I can get other kinds of crackling, such as Salmon Skin and Duck – hook a playa’ up yo’.

What are they like

They’re great, there’s no risk of cracking your teeth on these, but there is a really nice crunch. The fattyness doesn’t leave you queezy, and the saltyness leaves you just on the right side of thursty. They’re super morish, you can finish a packet in a few minutes without realising, but I find two packets in one sitting is a bit much for me. I’d imagine they’d be great to have with a few beers on a hot summer’s day.

Screenshot 2015-11-09 18.11.26

An added bonus – Use it as an Ingredient.

Over the weekend, I shoved a “Bung it in the oven” Red Thai Chicken Curry. I ruined it a bit by over cooking it, the chicken wasn’t that great and the sauce didn’t really work.

I figure, whilst a meal is messed up anyway, I’ll try something. I’ll crumble a packet of these into it, and see what happens. Well, I’m shocked, it worked really really REALLY well. They kept their crunch up, added a bit of flavouring that the whole thing needed, and generally was really nice.

it’d be a good as a replacement for salad-bacon too, or maybe even as a topping to your pasta.

As for nutrition, let’s not kid ourselves here.

Each bag is 35g.

Metric Chicken Pig
Energy (KCal) 646 653
Total Fat 53.8 55
Saturates 10.4g 19
Carbs 3.6g 1
Sugar 53.8 0
Protein 36.6g 39
Salt 4.1g 2.9
I got the chicken from the back of the packet, and thePig data from MyFitnessPal

Also, it seems that i’m a complete and utter Cartman…

#Whoops #lol – Name Change

Originally these were called Fowl Scratchings, but a few people got confused, not quite relating Fowl to Chicken; or I think Scratchings to Cracklings (is that a regional word?). Plus also, it sounds a bit like Foul, which is the oppersite to what they are. So they settled on the end on Chicken Crackling. A fine name for a fine product.


Result: GO FOR IT – Pick yourself up some !!!.

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