The King’s Head – Enfield Market Square

The King’s Head – Enfield Market Square

If you're having a Mooch around Enfield Town; and feel a bit peckish; head on to the King's Head.

There’s something quite pleasant about having a Mooch around Enfield town, and there are so many choices of places to eat. If you’re in that half-way place between wanting a proper meal, and wanting a quick snack – then I really recommend the King’s Head; which is just towards the back of the market place.

They’ve got lots of outdoors seating, for those warm days or when you fancy a fag with your meal, but they’ve also got a sort of dinning hall in the back. The pub itself is quite old fashioned, the bar feels quite traditional, with lots of dark woods, so you wouldn’t expect it to serve proper grub.

IMG_0053I’ve been a few times now, with a few different people, and it’s the Burgers that everyone comes back too. The whole menu will have you ummm’ing and uahhhh’ing, and I don’t think anything you order would be bad; but their burgers are the winner. Everything there is made from scratch, you won’t see any of those Iceland/Costco “50 chicken schitzals for £10” here.

Their burgers come in your normal Beef, chicken (Breaded or Cajun Spiced), Pork & Chorizo, or Bean veraities. You have a choice of a few different cheese, enough to cater for everyone’s tastes, along with your normal cheese toppings (including Avacado).

My Faves

IMG_0051I normally upgrade my fries (which I believe are proper home made ones; god, I hate Enimic chips) to Sweet Potato; and I get a side of fantasticly crunchy Onion Rings (and they’re proper ones too, don’t you just hate those ‘onion mash’ ones?). As for my burger, I’m a big fan of the breaded chicken, with a side of Frank’s Red Hot & a side of Blue Cheese Dressing. Even thought has gone into the Side Salad, with the right amount of greens to ‘sweet crunchy bits’ ratio.

Veggie Options

Their Veggie options aren’t just “Omnlette with mushrooms OR omnlette without mushrooms” – there’s Spinach and Mushroom Lasagne in there, grilled Halloumi salad with beatroot & the bean burger mentioned above.

Some Pics

The Downside

I do think their dinning room could do with a bit of piz-zass, it’s a tad on the dull side; but it’s not a big deal.

How to look ’em up

Telephone: 0208 363 6117
Address: The Kings Head Enfield, 9 Market Place, Enfield, EN2 6LL
Facebook: /KingsHeadEN2
Twitter: @KingsHeadEN2

Result: Definatly give it a try !

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