God Bless the NHS :: Please don’t take it away from me.

God Bless the NHS :: Please don’t take it away from me.

I can't imagine what having Crohns would be like without the NHS.

I recently joined a Chrons related Facebook Group, which is quite large and very International. And one thing that’s really gotten to me, is the amount of money people in my condition have to pay, in the states. There are so many horror stories of people having to sale up everything they’ve got, so it can go to medical bills; but the thing that gets-my-goat, is that it goes not to medical related stuff, but [what looks like to me]-scammy insurance deals. Or admin fees.

I’ve always felt very privileged living in a country with the NHS, they must have spent more money on me than i’ll ever earn in my lifetime. I’ve had…

– Two major surgeries, possibly going in for a Third this year.
– Countless end/colon-oscopies, at least one of each a year, on average.
– 100s of infusions (costing £1500 a time, I have them every 8 weeks on average, for the last 4 years),
– Weekly visits to my GP.
– 100s of Diabetics appointments, with nurses and specialists.
– 100s of Psychiatric appointments / therapy sessions / etc
– 1000s of Crohns appointments. with nurses and specialists.
– Can’t even count A&E emergencies, a few times a year, most of the time ending in me staying in for a week.
– Weekly prescriptions of enough meds to supply a country.
– MRIs, CAT Scans, X-Rays, etc.
– Lord knows what else, there must be tons of admin in here.

And that’s just lil’ol’ me, one person, Lord knows my Dad’s quadruple bypass must have cost a lot. My Mum, thank-god, is quite healthy; but that’s just one small family.

So this is why I love the NHS, I think it’s the greatest thing Mankind has ever done. The simple premiss that “Fixing people is worth it”. Nobody has to die because they’re broke. If you want to change doctors, you can. We don’t Euthanize our elderly. Or any of the other crap spouted by the likes of Fox News and [from what I gather] The Republicans.

It’s not perfect, and it’s being run into the ground; by absolute fucking shitty cuntlord politicians; who are demoralising staff, and selling off our hard-won NHS to private contractors, ones that they even have stakes in (or their family have stakes in). It’s disgusting, I’m no political commentator, but I feel like they’re stealing it away, trying to make the situation so bad, that they’ll be forced to sale it. These companies that we’re selling private services too, have already shown their service puts profits way above quality of service.

Junior Doctors already get a bad deal, Just Google It… they don’t need this massive increase in workload. To Be Honest, they would be better off letting the NHS go Private, or leaving the country – but they don’t , because they care.

So, support our Junior Doctors. Our Nurses. And all the other staff that make the NHS what it is.

Because otherwise, we’ll end up with this… & remember; anyone can get sick.

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