#MyFinalPoop Update – Charity Page.

#MyFinalPoop Update – Charity Page.

Holy Shit ! It's Happening !

A bit of a Waffle.

This idea has kind of spiralled, in a really good way. I’m going to do this. I’m really going to do this. My AMAZING Friend ‘C’ is Taking Me Up The Shard so one of #MyFinalPoops can happen. And there is the amazing #ShitLondon Facebook Group, who have also got some things lined up for me.

I’ve also now got a JustGiving page setup for this, to help out some children who have Chrons/Colitus – at the bottom of each blog post is a fancy button(•) that’ll take you there.

There’s some exciting people who’ve already gotten in touch

I’ve really been touched in a special place, by the amazing responses, about me losing my other Special Place.

Here’s my message on JustGiving.

Screenshot 2016-03-30 16.06.27

(•) ….. P.S – I make internets; if anyone needs some CSS / JS / WordPress knocked up; whilst I wait for the op / get better – then get in touch too 😅

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