#MyFinalPoops – Amazing London Toilets

#MyFinalPoops – Amazing London Toilets

Go Go Internet - Make my dreams Come True.

An intro & Waffle

After my post yesterday, a few (amazing) people suggested that I do a sort of Bucket List of toilets in an around London, so I thought i’d seek them out. I think it’ll be a fun thing to do, in a month that won’t be that fun for me.

So here i’ve spend a morning doing a bit of googling, and seeing what our amazing city has to offer; I may not ever perch myself upon The Royal Throne – but hopefully, with the help of The Internet – I may bestow myself upon a regal one.

If anyone can help get me there, i’ve got 20 days to ‘do this’. If anyone can help, perhaps pass this onto people in the know, then i’d greatly apprechate it. It’ll be awesome if you have any other suggestions too; feel free to tweet them @PaulyPutz or facebook them to me at P4ulypops. I would be honoured if any of my friends would wish to join me on any of these little expectitions (you-know-who: I know you’re in; for how Hawt D8 this month).

To all the venues, some of whom are quite “Out of my pocket range”, and “Are for customer use only”; I promise in each one to buy at least a bottle of fizzy pop & leave a tip. I also promise, not that one should have to in a decent civilised society, to “Leave the room how I found it”.

A slight disclaimer.

Also, in kind of practicality, I might adorn such grand seats; but I can not guarntee Greatness will provail at the time – as once’s bowels are a law unto themselves, and although I wish to stress that no accidents has happened in a very long time; performance has not always been achieved en-queue. So to speak.

Aqua: The Shard

What a stunning view. I don’t even think i’ll need a Martina Cole on my Kindle with me. Whilst getting down to serious buisness, i’ll be overlooking, from a great height, on the leaders of our country.

Buckingham Palace

Ok, I have no idea what the toilets are like here. I’d imagine they would have many toilets. Toilets literally fit for a Queen/King.

The Crazy Bear Club

Wow, just wow, no words can describe. Apparently every surface is mirrored, I just hope some more matte than gloss. But just look at these pictures i’ve found on Flickr

Sketch London

It’s like something out of a 1970s SciFi. I can just imagine being in these little cacoons of solutude, I’d picture myself traveling to far-off planets; landing in my skin-tight silver Space Suite, and making First Contact with a beautiful green-hued alien lady.


Another mirrored wonderland !

Mari Vanna

I can’t find many pictures of the actual facilities, but this throwback to ye olden times, looks like there is something special going on here.

Mayor of Scaredy Cat Town

This is another one I can’t find many pictures about, but there are plenty of blogposts.

The Hunter S

A venue named after Hunter S Thompson; just has to have an inspiring thrown. It just has too – it must !
hunter s

Gilgamesh Bar

I would be Proud and Honoured to be transported into Indian Jones days, and get down to buisness by getting my whip out.

I also have a sort of growing notepad list that looks like this… some of them I won’t be able to get into the Back Stage type areas, but if not, i’ll have a pleasent little mooch about anyway.

  • The V&A, Science Musiem, Musiem of London – if I could get a back-stage access maybe; i’m not sure, they must have something special there.
  • The Attendant near Great Titchfield St
  • Princess Louise on High Holborn
  • The National Liberal Club Whitehall Court
  • Harrods, Selfridges & anywhere like that – especially ‘upper management’ facilities.
  • The Walky Talky, The Girkin, The BT Tower, Any sort of Skyscraper.
  • The O2, Wembley or any other place that has performances – but somewhere where performers have been.
  • The Knights Templar
  • Sarastro on Drury lane
  • The Savoy
  • Claridges
  • Parliament / Houses of Commons / London Assembly
  • The toilets at #10 / Downing Street – Holy wow. Especially if there is someone at home to let me in.
  • The amazing posh hotels around London
  • 10000% would love the Theatres – would love to see The Lav that has adorned such buttocks as Patrick Stewart, Benadick ComberImNotEvenGoingToTryAndSpellIt, and; well, how can I list everyone?
  • Anything technology related – such as Google’s offices… i’m a big tech fan.
  • Any sort of Dog’s Home, such as Battersea – I’m a big dog fan.
  • Anything on Bishop’s Ave… I grew up driving passed it on the way to The Royal Free & I’ve always been fascinated.
  • Any place of Historical Significance – such as Castles or Stately Homes. Or such as somewhere Royal.

I’ve kind of used google to find pictures, i’m really sorry if i’ve stollen your picture without credit, I don’t mind taking them down if you don’t want me to use them. All of these though, and although I’d be fine to go ‘where the public does’, I’d quite like perhaps if possible to use the facilities that are reserved for behinds that have been purched upon greatness.

  • am

    The toilets in Bank of England were pretty snazzy! Avoid the Barbican ones, I always get locked in them (might be due to my ineptness.)

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  • Kathy Monteiro

    We saw our stately toilet chair, ToileChic, posted next to the queen. We are happy that you wanted to post it. Will you also identify it? Thanks!
    Kathy Monteiro

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