World Flag Tool :: The whole WORLD is hurting

World Flag Tool :: The whole WORLD is hurting

I can't help but to feel the World Flag is more appropriate than a French one.

I’ve been thinking…

I’ve been thinking a bit recently about how the Facebook is filled up with French flags. I completely understand that what happened on Friday Night, was an atrocity; one that was horrific, that the world took notice. I think this is because it happened “in the Western World”. France is practaclly our next door neighbours; we can nip in the Chanel Tunnel or take a Ferry over at any time, it’ll only take 30 mins or soo.

There is also a strong thought of “Oh shit, if that happened them, it’s bound to happen to us”. In the UK we have many spots that would be ripe for a similar attack. As a Londoner, my first thought is The Tube, but there are many events every day that this could happen too. Shopping centres are also ripe targets, especially in the christmas season where they have more traffic.

Not just France

But the thing is, the whole world is hurting at the moment. We’re not the only ones. The day before, Suicide Bombers attacked 43 people in Beirut… In Baghdad, a Suicide Bombing killed 16 people, at a funeral… And then there was the shutdown early last week of Egypt’s airports as a 224 on a Russian plane exploded… there are too many to mention. It happens even Daily in some places, such as Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine and Pakistan. The massive displacement of people fleeing war.

And then there are the Natural World Disasters to contend with. Look at what’s happened this year to Nepal and Chili. MILLIONS of people who’s lives have been turned upside-down.

And then everyone has their personal tragedies, deaths in the family, not being able to afford to have the heating on AND eat at the same time. Homeless people starving throughout the world.

The end result is, right now, the whole world is hurting – France as well as the rest of the planet.

And that’s why I think having the French Flag as a profile picture isn’t enough.

And why I think we should use NASA’s flag of Planet Earth.

For some more information on it, you can read up on Flag Of Planet Earth .com

A tool to help you build the Profile Picture

So I’ve built a handy little tool that lets you download a profile picture, embedded with NASA’s world flag, a bit like this


Upload the photo, and it should start downloading

Your File:

Max upload size is 4MB; you can use PNG, GIF or JPEG images

On the Facebook or Twitter apps? #Whoops

TLDR: Don’t do this in your Facebook/Twitter/Etc apps, do it in your browser (Safari)

You can’t really use this tool inside the Facebook and Twitter apps, because they have like a mini version of your internet browser that’s limited.

Before uploading your photo, click on the share button, and open it up in Safari (or whatever browser) – then give it a try.

You’ll then have to download the picture to your photo collection; you can do this by holding down on the picture for a few seconds and going ‘Save Image’.

That’ll then let you use the picture to upload in your profiles.

Screenshot 2015-11-15 16.45.13

Some Hashtags

Everything these days needs some Hashtags, they’re great tools for showing the world what you think. They’re also filled with subtext. Actually, I’m not 100% I like them, but anyway, the following would be good to use

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