Coming Soon Tech :: Popslate E-Ink Smartphone Cover

Coming Soon Tech :: Popslate E-Ink Smartphone Cover


Popslate e-ink AWESOMENESS – Check it Out.

The Gyist

A smartphone cover with an e-ink display & battery.

Why I Want

It looks like a great place to put your notifications on your phone, it’ll use up no battery life (in fact, would increase it, because it has a battery), because eInk displays work by only requiring power when changing the display.

It would be cool to use as a sort of notification centre, such as an RSS feed, calendar, twitter updates… you can just leave your phone face-down on the table, and it’ll all be there.

I find, with the iPhone 6, one of the issues is that the TouchID reader is too quick – I tap the button to ‘wake’ the screen, to see my notifications, but instead it pushes through to unlock my phone.

As someone who has ‘More Screens’ for everything (my laptop at the moment has 2 additional screens; my iPhone is my Apple Watch as a sort of second-screen), I feel the more digital space – the merry.

A slight issue.

We’re on a ‘tock’ / ‘s’ year for iPhone, and are even half way through it. That means, when I upgrade, this won’t fit anymore. If they hold off until iPhone7, then it should be a good for for at least 2 years.

I’m not sure what Android phones they’re going to target either, but I’d imagine it’s a similar issue – the Galaxy 5 and 6 or whatever, are all different sizes. In fact, the issue is worst, due to fragmentation – ie, HTC, One+, etc.

The Video

Popslate | Smart, Ultra Thin, E-Ink iPhone Charging CasePopslate | Smart, Ultra Thin, E-Ink iPhone Charging CaseComing Soon ➜ the back side of your iPhone to work… Sports scores, news headlines, stock quotes & more – all at a glance.

Posted by Coming Soon: Technology & Gadgets on Tuesday, 26 January 2016

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