My Proccess
  • Awesome New Client (You)
    Hay Paul,
    I have this idea that i'm interested in talk to you about, I think you'll be interested.
  • Paul
    Cool, sound's good, what' the gyst of it?
  • Awesome New Client (You)
    Well, it's a sort of online community that we've got, of local foodies, and we all want a place online where we can chat and organize our meet ups.
  • Paul
    Wow, sounds just the thing for me, ping me an email with all the details you've got, and let's meet up !
  • Awesome New Client (You)
    Great, i'll get the coffees in.

Say 'Hi' & Get a Coffee*

First up, it's good to say 'Hi'. I like to do things quite pleasently, if possible we'll meet up for a coffee somewhere, but if not, then a Skype is always good.

So I have an idea of what i'm walking into, it's best if you can email me the rough idea before we meet. This way I'm not trying to think up things on the spot.

During this first meeting, i'll hear what you need & try and work out how i'll be able help you.

* Or a beer if you fancy.

Get a Gameplan

I'll go away into my little cave of creativity, and workout a gameplan on what's needed. Depending on what it is, it might take me a few days, and my avaialbility might push this out by a week or soo

There's no commitments at this point, it's down to me, but i'll work out an estimate.

This'll include the bit I'll need from you; the content. Without this, I can't do anything really - you don't need to get all the content ready for me now, but you'll have to starting thinking about it.

The Setup

It is at this point where I start setting up the Enviroments & inital code, where the site

I'll also setup a little spot on the internet that you can see my progress, and comment on things too

This is also the point where i'm going to start needing you to get your content ready.
  • Design
  • Code
  • Review
  • Finish

The Build

This is where I start actually building your amazing magical piece of Internets, and this is also the long part.

Depending on where i'm at, i'll also update your little corner of internet that I setup above.

You must keep in mind though that this is a Work In Progress.

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Take Photo

Tweaking & Final Adjustments

Now's the time where I make final adjustments based on the content that you've given me; which should be ready by now.

I'll also do all the final tweaks'n'adjustments

You can also use this point to show off what i'm building to anyone else, to get their perspective on things.

Ready for PrimeTime

Now I make the final switch to turn this project into a Live website - all doors are open & let the public see.

We'll also need to work out how to 'Host' the website, this is the server it lives on. And weather i'll be handling that side of things for you or not.

I also give you a copy of the code on something called a 'Repo', which is something any developer can use to recreate the site if need-be.

Support & Hosting

A website should never really be 'finishied' in my books, and after all the love an attention we've given your site, it would be a crying shame to just let it fade out.

This is why I provide ongoing support as the site evolves with more pictures, more updates & more content.

A site also needs hosting, personally I use a Cloud based solution provided by Digital Ocean. This means your site will always be able to scale up & ensures that you'll be able to reach everyone should something on your site hit the big time.

We can also turn on worst-case scenarios and schedual backups of your site reguarly.

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