My Services
My Services

Quick Fixes & One-Offs

Need someone to quickly fix some on your site?

Then I’m your man. I’m happy to either do it myself (once I have access to the site), or to point you in the direction so you can fix them yourself.

The sort of Quick Fixes I can do are.

  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • Code Igniter
  • WordPress
  • Installing something on WordPress; such as a theme or plugin

Plus take a look at my Skillsets page; if there is anything listed there that you think you could use a hand on, then give me a shout =)

If I give it a try and can’t do it; then no fee. I don’t think that’ll happen though ,)

These are generally handy for
  • Website Developers on time-critical projects
  • Website Designers who want to Design rather than Code
  • Website Owners who wish to enhance their sites

Static, Small & Micro- Websites

Gorgeous and simple sites.

For this, i’ll be using a lightweight series of Front End and Backend frameworks (such as Nette or Slim); in order to speed up development & make it future-proof.

Generally, this is good for websites that are under 10 pages; or even a Single Page one that contains all the information.

I always code using Responsive Techniques; so it’ll look good on Phone, Tablet & Desktop. We can also integrate Social Media; update in one place, update everywhere

These are generally handy for
  • Landing Pages
  • Product and Service Launches
  • Small Business Owners
  • Email Templates for Mailchimp

General WordPress Sites

A System that Works

These are great for sites you wish to update yourself, such as adding a Blog or a constantly updating Image Gallery / Portfolio. WordPress is a very powerful platform that’s really easy to use; in fact, it powers approximately 25% of the internet.

For most of these, budget & requirement depending; I’ll be adapting a series of self-curated Themes & Plugins that accelerate development.

These are generally handy for
  • Artists, such as Photographers and Videographers; who wish to regularly update their portfolio
  • Resturant and Venue Owners, who wish to update their menus & availability; and show off their bookings
  • Bloggers & Writers, who wish to tell a story
  • Events, such as Weddings and Batmitazahs; who want to update people on the progress & have a little corner of the internet to preserve the big day afterwards

Advance WordPress sites

Taking WordPress to the Next Level

This comes into play when you need something a bit off the beaten track. Such as using WordPress to power something a bit more bespoke.

An example of this might be to power your own social network, a forum for a local club; or anything else that you think would be useful to your buisness.

These would be great for:
  • Estate Agents who wish to list their properties; with details such as Floor Plans and Maps; take viewings & recieve feedback on them.
  • Travel Agents who would like to show off the various flights and hotel informations.
  • Photographers / Artists / Creatives who would like a private client area.
  • Community Sites Wish to start up your own community project; such as a Social Network.
  • Booking Sites An online booking tool for your clients to order your services.
  • Instructors who wish to create an online course (or series of courses); along with private paid member’s section.

WordPress eComs Site

The eComs Framework for WordPress

Using the power of WooCommerce, I can build an online shop where you can sale items, whilst still making pages and blog posts.

With WooCom, it’ll also give you statistics about your sales, let you taking bookings and, well, just take a peek at this to see what it’s capable of…over here.

I’ll also, time and budget dependent, purchase a theme and series of plugins to make it your perfect solution.

These are also great if you wish to sale tickets to an event.

Useful for
  • Selling affiliate-products via services such as Amazon
  • Mimicking a Brick-and-Mortar shop online.
  • Selling Digital Goods such as your band’s Music or Artwork.

Codeigniter & Laravel Projects

A completely bespoke system

These are for completely bespoke solutions, ones that doesn’t fit into WordPress workflow.

A few examples of projects i’ve worked on
  • A Social Network that was the “YouTube of [it’s industry]”.
  • An organisational software for booking Patients with a number of Treatment Plans, Clinic Locations, Staff Members & More. This also hooked into a series of APIs to gather data from industry-based software
  • A geographical-based Social Network, that allowed a community (and even internal economy) to grow; users could upload/rate/review Businesses, have their own image galleries & more

Mobile Apps

Using a combination of techniques and tools; such as Angular.JS, Ionic & Phonegap/Cordova; I’ve created a series of demo apps.

Some Example Apps i’ve made are
  • Kewie An app for queueing, such as for a barbers or for a table at a resturant. It alerts you when your ‘Kew’ is ready, and allows management of this.
  • Mess Around A ‘Mess Around’ using iBeacons (Estimote) and Philips Hue lighting system; in order to change the colour scheme of my living room with light – based on the phsyical location of my phone to my table
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