Some of my Skillsets

My Skillsets

Keeping up with the latest techniques is a part of the job I love

I find it quite difficult to mention all my skillsets, because they’re changing on an almost weekly occurrence; and that there are so many. I’m always messing around with this-or-that library, framework or tool. Some I find are useless, and others I find invaluable.

I’m probably about 60/40 towards the back-end; and I love working in WordPress & CodeIgniter. On the Front-End, I prefer SASS over LESS, but it doesn’t make much of a difference to me; and my JS is all compiled using GRUNT/GULP & there is JSHint to make sure it’s all nicely optimised. I can work Apache reasonably well, and know how to SSH in on any remote server (that I have keys/passwords too) to do the basics. All my code is backed up by GitHub too.

  • & probably a few other tools too !

Some of the Tools I use

Back End

Front End

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