My Workspace

My Workspace

Having a work enviroment that you want to be in, can make a massive difference to the way you work.

Especially when you ‘work from home’, where there are plenty of unproductive distractions, such as rewatching Game of Throwns on the sofa; in your PJs and eating Cocopops. It’s also important for people who work from home to seporate out their work and home lives.

I also believe in having the right tools for the job; so my main coding computer is a Macbook Retina 13″ , plugged into a 1080p monitor & a 4K one. I also have, for mobile and OSX development; an iPad Air & iPad Mini, iPhone 6 & Apple Watch. Then there is all kinds of gizmos’n’gadgets, such as Estimote iBeacons, Philips Hue & and all sorts of other gizmos… I find they’re useful for what they are, but also for learning. It also gets me thinking beyond the web and into the Internet Of Things tertatory.

And without futher adeu, here’s some photos

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