Hi, I'm Paul

I'm a full-stack web developer, who specialises in Wordpress and CodeIgnitor. I have worked as Jnr, Lead and Snr Developer in my time, and have worked with teams of up to 5 developers + surrounding specalists such as Design, SysOps etc.


  • I like dogs; being around them; training them; walking them; and it was a dream that came true when I got mine 3 years ago.
  • I like food; talking about food, exchanging recipies, finding out about people's cultures through cuisene
  • I like technology; I just find it does what I want it to, normally when I want it to.


  • I adore learning new tools, techniques and frameworks.
  • I never charge for learning time, but if it is something new to me then I might need some time
  • I can reguarly meet up if inside the tube network.


  • Looking to work 3 days a week remote, coming in for an additional afternoon.
  • Looking for a place along the north side of the Picadilly Line in London - or somewhere central
  • Looking for around £175/day.
  • I have health issues, and with that comes hospital appointments - and they are never on specific days or times. But... I'm more than happy to make up time over weekends, and as long as the job gets done - then that's what counts.
  • I'm Dyslexic, so sometimes have issues with spellings; but i'm also fascinated by language. But... Although Grammerly helps most of the time, not all of the time.
  • I tend to to code with headhpones on But... feel free to tap my shoulder or send me a Slack etc if you need me.