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Paul Silver

About Me

Hi, I'm a full-stack web developer who specialises in Wordpress. I don't just create websites because it's my job, I create because it's my outlet, because I enjoy the challange. To me , coding is the greateest [Nintendo/xbox/Playstation etc] game there is.

My hobbies include Dog Training; Anything to do with upcoming technology with an API; Cookery (anything from coming up with new recipies to finding out what people enjoy - and the eating of it too); ... and I enjoy the usual things such as going to the movies, meeting up with friends & going out to eat.

My Health

I have to be honest about my health, and I have a series of gastro isssues. This means I have weekly appointments with the GP up the road from me, so would need some lee-way on my hours. However, I'm alwaya prepared to work hours over the weekend or after the usual '10-6'.

Also; I'm dyslexic, which in my opinon makes me a better coder; but it does mean any end-result needs to be double checked - although normally it's fine.

This has never stopped me from doing the job.

I also enjoy...

I thoroughly enjoy learning new coding techniques and seeing how they tick - from Native React, to Flutter to anything else

Missing Links
Unforutunatly I can not show my entire CV here as they include private clients who would not wish to be exposed, however, the following is a list of clients that I can show. I've tried to show a range of sites in orer to show you that I can take most things thrown at me.
A little note about the following

I've opted to exclude things like MS Word, Notepad and Google Calendar; as they're ovbously known to anyone in my field - or an alternative can e found.

APIs Used

  • Google Maps
  • YouTube
  • Facebook
  • Bespoke REST intigrations
I'm sure there are plenty more; once you've worked with one -as long as it's well documentated, they're all the same.


  • Photoshop
  • phpStorm
  • Visual Code Studio
  • Git / SourceTree
  • OhMyZsh
  • NPM
  • Gulp / Grunt / Webpack

Front End

  • HTML*
  • CSS*
  • JS (jQuery, Vanilla)*
  • Bootstrap*
  • Flutter
  • React / Native
  • Vue
  • Ionic Native
* To the latest standard


  • PHP (7.2)
  • MySQL
  • Wordpress
  • CodeIgniter

Finest Dental CRM

Using CodeIgniter, this competely bespoke CRM handled everything from the moment the customer picked up the phone, to the moment they leave the dentist's chair - and then got a PDF report on how to take care of the work done. My dueties included creating a customer-facing version of the site, so they can see appointments and what they entail; fixing many bugs and adjustments here and there; creating a system for off-site callcentre site to pass on information to main site; and create demo MVP/POCs.

Not Available

Ambro Wilks

I plan to change this once it goes live, but this is a site i'm working on at the moment. I plan for it to be fully powered by Wordpress, and completely responsive, but whilst content is being developed, attached is the initial template.


TJI Scaffolding

This was a quick few-day jobbie, where I had full creative freedom. Currently it uses Unsplash for images, as I'll show it in hand-off mode - but hopefully by the time you see this, it'll have the correct imagery

A fully responsive wordpress site using Bootstrap 4 as the main driver; along with bespoke navigation.


Nita McEvoy - Microblading Consultant

A bespoke wordpress site based on the Sage Roots starter theme, for a local top end consultant in beuty care.

Fully responsive, based on Bootstrap 4.



Unforutnatly due to a management personailty clash, this site never saw the light of day, but I quite enjoyed it's unique take.

Attached is a copy as how it was left.



WNTI was a 3 month long site in order to handle the transportation of nuculear materials. It was written in Umbraco, which was a pre-requisit

My part of the job was turning the template into something practical


Capital Pubs Co

A conversion project of about two dozen sites into wordpress - nncl

My part of the job was turning the template into something practical

Sites have been superceeded

Glenholmes Dental Centre

I created here a 'lego' style page builder, where users can add different blocks, for example, a 'user profile block', then put under there a 'PDF Downloa Block' - for example. There was about 10-15 block types & this allowed the customer to create and edit thte site without having to worry about any code or css

My part in this was taking it from PSD to final project. This was beore Mobile First was a real thing.



I was in charage of the online ordering system between central wearhouse and kiosk staff, for the entire range of Dior, Chanel, Gavinchi- and the rest of the [at ht time] LVMH Perfume and Cosmetics range

This used an entirely besopke site, of which I was bug-hunting more than anything, as it couldn't go down; not even for a mement.