I make no secret of it, but I suffer from bad mental health as well as bad physical health. It can come out looking really ad, it can come out looking selfish and uncaring, flakey and over-sensitive; and so much more.

It affects my life management, all the way from elements of my hygiene to my sleep, to my eating, to my sleeping and almost every other aspect of my life.

It puts you in such a negative spin that it feels the world is insurmountable and all your issues are the worst in the world. It even makes you realize how pathetic you're being over certain things, which just makes things worst.

The following is a guide on things to look out for, and a few ways of explaining things - along with my natural flair and take on the front end programming languages to show off a little bit more on what I can do - so someone can pay me money to do some work.

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I know sometimes I can appear...

There are a few ways of explaining how it feels, to live with this, every day.

Limited Resourse Theory (#Spoonie)

This is the theory that those with invisible illnesses such as mental health, have a limited pot - and events throughout the day take from it.

Traffic Light Theory

Traffic Lights to explain what you can do that day.


Signs to look out for, for those who are in need for help.

  • No Sleep
  • Irritablity
  • Shyness
  • Self Doubt
  • Blank Crying
  • Bad Life Management

What is Limited Resource Theory (#Spoonie)

Spoon Theory was started by a blog post about a school kid with an invisible illness

Her friend asked her what it was like to be ill, so she replied "I get tired, i'm in a lot of pain..."

No, what is it really like?

So the school kid rushed around the lunchtime canteen they were in, and picked up all the cutlery she could find. Let's call it 25 pieces to make it easier to explain. She handed the cutlery to her friend and said "What is it you do every day?"

"Errm, go school?"

The ill kid pushed on "No, really, what is it you do?"

"I wake up, get out of bed, and brush my teeth" said the friend, and with that, the sick friend took a spoon.

"I then do my morning yoga."

Two spoons

And so on until 3/4 of the day was done and there was no cutlery left

You now need a nap to get more spoons back

"But I don't have time !"

"OK, you can borrow a spoon from tomorrow, but it means tomorow you'll have less spoons to do your daily stuff with.

And that is how Limited Resource Theory (#Spoonie) was created.

Slider Tester

Most people need a little rest in the day, but when you're mentall ill, life can be far more draining on you. Here is a little widget i've created to show you how much more draining it can be.

I've gotten a series of things that most people do throughout the day, and given it a score on how draining I find it. When the slider reaches 100, you need a rest & it resets itself.

Unwell: %

Healthy Person = Points per Day

Unwell Person = Points per Day

So from this, you can see that if you're feeling 100% bad, you'll need twice the amount of rest than someone who is feeling healthy.

Traffic Light System

This is something I found useful on a HuffPost article in regards to converting your mental health into a traffic light system

Perfectly Fine
  • Able to keep to a routeen
  • Feeling mentally stable
  • Able to make decisions
  • Can take medication/councilling on time and recognise when needed
  • Can communicate well with others
  • Look after hygine well
  • Eat properly ( 2/3 meals)
  • Sleep properly (8 hours)
  • Exercise well (Daily)
  • Crying a lot for no seeming reason
  • Routine is shakey.
  • Feeling seemingly randomly Anxious, Tearful, Afraid.
  • Takes a long time to come up with a descision, in case you get it wrong - esspecialy when it doesn't matter
  • Have trouble taking medication at the correct times and doseages
  • Stumble over words, either talking too fast or too slow - people have trouble understanding you
  • Easily distracted
  • Don't look after yourself well, such as relatively poor hygine and exersise
  • Critical of self
  • Forgetful
  • Tired a lot of the time
  • Lots of purchasing of items you don't particualy want or need.
  • Little sex drive
  • Miss a lot of appointments
  • Afraid of letting people down
  • Inner critic going on overdrive.
  • Feeling angry/upset/can't stop crying/outbursts of violance.
  • Takes a long time to come up with a descision
  • Having thoughts about taking too much medication or halming yourself
  • Can't communicate with other people, feeling in case you say the wrong thing - completley withdrawn
  • Over emotional
  • Can't concentrate on a single thing
  • Don't look after yourself at all; very poor hygine and exersise
  • Completely forgetful
  • Fatigue (not just tired)
  • Need to reach out but can't
  • So ashamed of who/what you are.
  • Loss of perspective and motivation
  • No sex drive.


Aside from all the above, the following signs may show.

  • Hibernating in bed
  • Eating Eratically; all the time, or not at all
  • Being emotionally distant
  • Isolating ones-self to protect others or because They're not good enough
  • Cancelling plans at the last moment
  • Mood Swings that can last days/weeks
  • Outbursts over what others would consider Nothing

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